Tangled Up In Blue

Tangled up in Blue is one of my favorite songs on one of my favorite albums ( Blood on the Tracks) by one of my favorite artists, the enigmatic poet Bob Dylan. As I deconstruct my dream life, alternate lives, and this present waking state in preparation for my challenge contribution,  this phrase presented itself. The song is a gem and conjures up many memories for me. It would be prominent in the soundtrack of my life if my life was a feature film. Clearly it would be independent and somewhat artsy…


Tonight I literally feel tangled up in blue so I will let my art selection express my narrative for me. Immersing myself in time travel and the Mercury retrograde in Libra re-entering my house of partners ( which is currently quite crowded with Venus, Mars, and Jupiter) has resulted in minor melancholy, stormy seas, and iridescent sky scapes.

deauville-the-beach-low-tide.jpg!Large (1)camaret-the-jetty-1873.jpg!Largetrouville-1864.jpg!Largeunloading-the-newfoundland-fishing-boat-1873.jpg!Largereturn-of-the-terre-neuvier-1875.jpg!Largebeach-scene-trouville-1863-1.jpg!Largewikiart.org pub domain

Enjoy the water even if it is a little chilly. Let the clouds guide you as you sail to mysterious ports of call. Remember you can never go off course.

tangled up in blue

image credits: wikiart.org, public domain

4 thoughts on “Tangled Up In Blue

  1. I loved the art selections, Linda! particularly the two of the sailboat that seemed to have run aground, where the same scene was painted under different skies. The movement from the lighter to darker shades of blue and then back again really did evoke that sensation of melancholy…! You are painting feelings with your selections here…


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    1. Hey Michael,
      Cool to see you at a somewhat older post. I have a thing for ships and the seas have been story this year. Painting feelings with my selections. Very poetic. May I quote you 🙂

      Blessings back , Linda

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