Black Squirrel Morning

There have been a plethora of creatures afoot in my world lately. I woke up feeling peaceful this morning, immediately drew the shades and spotted a black squirrel. Here’s a beloved old article about our animal friends.

litebeing chronicles

Now that we are in the thick of the liminal season, I know Where the Wild Things Are. They are in my backyard and in my dreams. While I continue to seek the identity of my permanent animals totems and the rest of my ” Team”, I can always rely on the natural world to provide temporary guidance. With Dexter by my side and Jasmine before him, I am more solid, more kind, and more engaged in general. Creatures make me a much better person.

So I present you with a few recent sightings that come to bring me blessings, which I in turn, will share with you :

On a mid October Friday morning the energy was quite vivid, with plenty of animal magic. Every morning one of the first things I do is draw the shades in my dining room. They open to my backyard which is…

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3 thoughts on “Black Squirrel Morning

  1. We mostly have grey squirrels here now Linda, since they almost wiped out our native Red ones.. The Black ones like Michael says I only ever saw in Canada when I went there in 2000 .. And they were quite tame running around a park we walked through.
    Glad that your animal totems are turning up again for you ..
    Love Sue xxx

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  2. I love black squirrels! I relate them to a visit to Niagara Falls– the first time I’d ever seen them– and the way the unexpected resulted in my wife and I teasing one another about something ridiculous. I don’t remember what now, just the feeling of it. What fun we had that day sharing the park with those lovely black squirrels…


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