Tree House Refuge

I knew upon seeing this sign that it would be prominently placed in a future post. We are always one, whether we like it or acknowledge it. It just is. This entry is a follow up to my post in February about the treasures unleashed at a recent consult with my Spiritual Director. It took me a few months but I finally made it over to Morris Arboretum to revisit their TreeHouse exhibit. I picked a day that turned out to be warmer than expected and the place was packed with families and their young children. As an introvert, my pursuit of peace was not found during this trip. Yet, the TreeHouse was lovely and the Rose Garden was in full bloom. And then I discovered the Garden Railway was back “on track.” Sorry, I had to go there!

While this excursion ( only about 10 minutes from home) was neither mystical or freeing, the photos I took are lovely and the signage about Interconnection was not lost on me. Here are a few shots from the Arboretum:

The sky was so vibrantly blue and I had seen so much of the place with fresh eyes. But it was almost closing time and I was feeling oddly dehydrated so my exploration was put on hold for another time.

You see, the day before my visit was very intensely emotional for me and I felt quite depleted.  Sadly, the  ” Treehouse refuge ” I was seeking still remains elusive. I still have much to process as my recent homecoming was certainly not idyllic. I am in no hurry though. I have learned not to rush the process. My spirit does feel some comfort though from my snapshots of nature on this ordinary Spring afternoon. I hope you find them comforting as well.


18 thoughts on “Tree House Refuge

  1. Linda, so loved your wonderful pictures, the Alliums and Roses so beautiful together.. You may not have found your tranquil space, but I hope by revisiting these wonderful images they bring you a sense of Joy and peace..
    WE are indeed ALL of us One..
    Sending LOVE and Mega Hugs your way Linda. ❤

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      1. Sending HUGE hugs and love right back.. We are off to a Flower Show this weekend I hope to take lots and share it on my Garden blog Soon.. 🙂 Have a great rest of the week Linda.. MUCH love your way ❤


  2. Wonderful photos, Linda. Thanks for sharing the beauty, and that great message about interconnection and a reminder of our healthy participation in the eco-system. Nice. It can be frustrating when the hoped-for introvert-restorative time is more peopled than expected, though some nice Nature is a bonus. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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