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My intention tonight is to provide an energy update. My experiences are personal but may resonate for some of you. As many of you know, the outer planets stay retrograde for months at a time so we live in times of simultaneous back and forth motion. It is what is known as the push-pull effect. Recently both Pluto and Saturn have moved forward. Tomorrow Mercury ( a quick moving planet) and Jupiter ( a slower moving body) both move forward.

I often write about how planetary movements and cycles impact individuals differently. Some cycles cause strong energetic events while many are rather subtle. I have experienced many emotional and watery events over the recent weeks and months. I have been ill with upper respiratory ( Mercury) and GI ( lunar and Plutonian) complaints, often at the the same time. I have had back to back colds and was so unwell I went for a COVID test on Friday!  I often wonder why my body seems to be more sensitive than ever and I attribute it to being home alone more often , with plenty of time to feel my feelings . This can be quite intense. Emotion is watery and I have also been seeing water events pop up everywhere. From the global ( flooding ) to the personal. Within a few weeks the toilet overflowed,  a pipe in my kitchen was leaking below my unit, and now the heating pipes in the bedroom baseboards are leaking. Over the summer mold appeared in my car, due to a clogged moon roof filter ( according to the dealership). Moon roof is lunar, right?

So we have water damage in the car, leaky kitchen pipes, a backed up toilet, and leaky heating pipes in the bedroom. That is a lot of water! What is going on? I have lived in the same place for a very long time and while the building is old, these water events are usually scattered over time. Yes, with old plumbing, there will be more repairs to clogged up sinks and showers, but this recent barrage of water seems to be quite extreme. The answer could be overactive water houses.

What is a water house?  It is a house in the astrology chart that is ruled by a water sign. The 4th house is ruled by Cancer, the 8th by Scorpio, and the 12th by Pisces. Currently Mercury is moving through my 8th house and for a couple years Pluto ( later joined by Saturn and Jupiter in 2020) were visiting my 12th house. I actually am not fond of the water houses even though my persona is quite watery in nature. I only have planets natally in the one of these houses ( the moon in its home in the 4th house). The water houses can be very volatile with incontrollable force. One’s comfort level with these energies will vary. I personally am a huge crier, and find the release to be very healing. My sadness and sensitivity have increased since the start of 2020. Feeling overwhelmed is an entirely different experience and it is anything but comfortable. I know part of this is due to re-engaging with new clients as a therapist without much support from others for my own needs. I am grateful for those in my circle, but the circle is small and needs to expand to include more folks to help facilitate my healing. Helpers need help, healers need to heal, you know the drill right?

What’s interesting is that the events keep happening even after I figured out some of the signs. Maybe this is because they were already set in motion or maybe so that there would be no doubt that none of this is random. Sometimes too much water turns to mold and I detest mold ( unless in blue cheese). mold equals decay in my book and I am not  a fan of decay. Mold is also a life form, a gift to this planet, and yet I do have an aversion to it, like  a fear. Fear of death comes to mind when I extrapolate this train of thought a bit further.


My inner work leads me to acknowledge the material that enters my field, feel it thoroughly but not dwell on it. Notice its weight but also its temporary status. This too will pass, including our bodies and personality structures. Consciousness is eternal, so I have been told. I liken it to a wave, just like all energy. Until midlife I preferred being near bodies of water. As I grow, my fondness for woods and mountains and gardens grows more pronounced. All the elements are important, as are all the seasons and days of the week. However, part of the soul’s journey is to move through experiences in order to seek new ones. I hold hope that as the majority of planets will be  moving direct tomorrow ( except Uranus and Neptune), blockages and stagnant energies will morph into openings and vibrant, light activity. I do not seek a lack of emotion but a better balance.

How have you been handling the energies? Let us know in the comments.

public domain images by pexels. com

4 comments on “Gushing Forward

  1. I read this twice to get understand the meaning behind your water analogies, although I do get the water problem. It’s always one thing or ten. But how do you figure out all the information about your water house? I mean, I love the depth and explanations. But I have no idea how you read all of this into your astrology sign. I love reading your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Thank you for taking the time to share your reactions here. So glad you are loving my blog! 🙂

      Regarding the water houses, one must have their astrology natal chart calculated and to be accurate the birth date, exact birth time and location are needed, The more accurate, the better, That is the short answer. Email me if you want to learn more.!


  2. Dayna says:

    Interesting about the water events! Our water main was broken for four months but we only discovered it in September when we got a $360 water bill! A tree root completely encapsulated the pipe and broke it in two. We ended up cutting down the tree and rerouting the pipe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. litebeing says:

      Hey Dayna,

      I thought I replied to you, sorry about the delay. Elemental events are important and can sometimes evade contemplation as signs. But signs are everywhere and it all boils down to where we place our attention ( and intention).

      peace, Linda ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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